ASGK990 Series Hinged Sideguard Legs, Armour-Tech 600 (AT600) Surface Coated, 395, 560, 700 & 760mm Leg Lengths

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Hinged sideguard legs are most commonly used in lateral protection systems, the pin can simply be removed allowing the leg to pivot on the fixed bolt.

The system can then be lifted clear from the underside of the vehicle, the pin is then re-inserted to hold at the desired angle/height.

  • ASGK990 Series Hinged Sideguard Legs Fully meet the mandatory requirements of Whole Vehicle Type Approval when used in conjunction with ASGK990 series sideguard rail and mounted as detailed in UNECE Regulation 73 directive.
  • ASGK990 Series legs and rail are clearly marked with the 'E' approval marking; E11 73R-011005
  • All ASGK990 Series components can be bought individually (not in kit form) making the ordering process simple
  • 'E' Approval certificate and full mounting instructions are available upon request 

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 Results After 600 Hours of Salt Spray Testing:

 Armour-Tech 600 (AT600) - Virtually no deteriation or abrasion effect

 Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HD) - Salt deposits and the apperance of white rust after 96 hours, steady deterioration and the apperance of red rust after 600 hours

 Zinc Plated - Apperance of red rust after 48-96 hours, rapid deterioration, full coverage of red rust after 600 hours (not recommended for under-chassis applications)


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