Armour-Tech 600 Premium Surface Coating - ASGK990 Series Sideguard Legs

Armour-Tech 600 (AT600) is CBF's premium surface coating, offering unrivalled protection against abrasion and corrosion.

After salt-spray testing for over 600 hours*, AT600 coated products show virtually no corrosion when compared to galvanised and zinc plated coatings.

AT600 is a high performance zinc-rich and chemically advanced coating. At over 15 microns thick it is heavier than regular zinc plating. The coating process involves dipping in a series of immersion baths, followed by a polyurethane top coat application and finally oven drying. The result is over 600 hours of salt spray resistance, ideal for products mounted below the chassis.

Follow the links below to see the full range of products featuring AT600.

Curtain tensioners:

CARGCBF502TB/AT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF502TH/AT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF505/40AT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF505/SLAT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF506/DH/AT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF506TB/AT/LH & RH 'Armour-Ten' Series
CARGCBF507DH/AT/UNI 'Armour-Ten' Series

Mudguard stays and brackets:

ø34mm Cranked Mudguard Stay - 22749 Series
ø34mm Cranked Mudguard Stay – 12549 Series
ø34mm Straight Mudguard Stay - 371 Series
Mudguard Bracket - LR650 Series

Sideguard legs and supports:

Hinged Sideguard Legs - ASGK990 'Type Approved' Series

Hinged Sideguard Legs - ASGK990 'Type Approved' Series, Custom Range

Chassis Mounted Sideguard Support Beam

Hinges and handles:

Hinge & Gudgeon Sets
Recessed Grab Handle


* Testing ASTM-B117 accredited

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