Goodbye J-Wing / Hello HighGard, Single Arch J-Wings Will No Longer Be Available From January 2023

Many rotation moulding machines & moulds for this range have come to the end of their life,
Jonesco have decided it's best to decommission these and withdraw single arch J-Wings from the market,

The good news is that they have been replaced by the HighGard series,

  • HighGard features a unique patterned textured finish that minimises surface scratches
  • A light silver edge for improved visibility is a standard feature on one-side of each mudguard
  • Manufactured from extruded high-density black polyurethane
  • Great impact resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Offering superior durability & performance at a cost effective price
  • Range of 24 sizes

Click here to view the HighGard series

Easy to find the HighGard equivalent:

WNGP22A     now     WNGP22A/HL

WNGP39B     now     WNGP39B/HL

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