As it states on our desk top calendar, DON'T LET YOUR SIDE DOWN!!!

The original, and finest Droplock Fasteners available. When our customers talk, we listen.... The industry has been calling for high quality coated Droplock fasteners to cope with the best (and worst) of the Great British weather, THERE AVAILABLE!!! CBF's exclusive clear-passivate CP350 treatment offers in excess of 350 hours of salt spray resistance to white rust and well over 500 hours for the appearance of red rust.

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We All Need Some ZEN!

Fantastic range of black powder coated steel and 304G stainless steel toolboxes are now available direct from stock. Manufactured by DAKEN®, Italian manufacturer of innovative, high quality commercial truck hardware

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Teal Hand Wash Units

Great range of Teal hand wash units available directly from stock, the perfect solution where hot water washing is required on the go! Upgraded models, now with reset buttons and unit status indicator lights mounted to front face

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