Vehicle Conspicuity Tape, Available in Red, White & Yellow, Why Not Add Your Logo - VC104+ Series

Oralite® by ORAFOL is the leading product brand within ECE104 approved marking tapes. The Oralite® brand reflective tapes are known for being not only safe and visible from up to 1000 metres away, but also tough and durable as well as easy to apply. The Oralite® VC104+ range includes a complete product line for application onto rigid bodies, onto circular tanker shapes, as well as onto curtain-sided vehicles, Approved to ECE104 class 'C'

Exact layout of the tape will depend on the design and intended use of the vehicle.

Technical details are contained in European regulations on vehicle lights, paragraph 6.21 of UNECE Regulation 48.03.


  • Outstanding long distance night time visibility
  • Easy to handle, cut and apply
  • No edge sealing required
  • No risk of cracking
  • Resistant to power washing
  • Highly resistant to most industrial cleaning processes
  • Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing
  • Approved to ECE104 class 'C'

Add you company logo, see the Imagine 'EVO' and 'Imagine' series tape

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