Lashing Link Set, 12000kg (12.0T) Permissible Tensile Load - AFER25 Series

Lashing link sets available with a yellow powder coated link and a choice of weld-on or bolt-on cleats, all parts used in conjunction with each other fully conform to EN29367-2 criteria


  • Material: ø25mm high tensile steel
  • Permissible Tensile Load: 12000kg (12.0T)
  • Yellow powder coated link
  • Bolt-on or weld-on cleat options
  • Conforms to EN29367-2 when used in conjunction with a compatible cleat


Abbreviated Version:
Each lashing point shall allow the free passage inside it of
a circle of at least ø80mm, but the aperture need not be
circular. The thickness of the lashing point material shall
allow engagement of a hook of at least 25mm opening.
The value of the test force to be used is 120kN.

Test certification available upon request

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