Retractable Net & Strap System

Retractable Net & Strap System


Manufactured from blue polyester PVC mesh or heavy duty PVC material. The net system is stored in the vehicle roof until required, the net is simply pulled down over the load using sprung loaded retractable wires, when finished with the net simply returns back into the roof area. The nets can be moved along the body length using the built-in rollers and additional curtain style track, typically DGR35/3000.

  • Standard net size: L1800 x W450 x 500mm drop each side
  • Load capacity: 2000kg
  • Designed to fit into the roof tracks that are common in most trailers and is therefore perfect for retro-fit or new build
  • The straps and nets can be pulled down and secured on the load at ground level reducing the risk of fall accidents
  • Smooth running rollers allow the retractors to be positioned anywhere along the trailer or vehicle bed
  • When ordering please confirm sliding track centres & floor to roof dimensions

 * Special order only, please contact your local sales office for more information

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